Richard McKown – Developer

the plowEpisode 11

In the last episode, part 1 of this interview, we explored the creative art of Richard McKown and what kinds of concepts and processes went into that.

This episode is the other part of that conversation where I asked Richard to talk about his concepts of using art as a part of the public designs of his housing projects.

While some people are aware of Richard’s art, many appreciate his housing concepts even if they don’t know his name.

He and his family have developed suburban housing in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, Mustang, Choctaw, Moore and just about every other suburban area in the OKC metro area.

He talks about how art and green development in their suburban developments has given them a competitive edge against their business competition, but more importantly, how it creates a valuable living space for those who buy in.

Lately, Richard has moved his efforts to downtown, with the Level and Mosaic apartments in the Walnut and 2nd street area, as well as the OKSEA shipping container building just across the street.

Also, he makes an announcement about a new tenant coming into the OKSEA building.

His latest project to turn the historic Rock Island Plow Company building in Bricktown into The Plow office building is his first development of an office building and an historic building.

Richard’s love of art and providing great spaces for his clients are evident throughout this conversation.