Tierney Tinnin – Advocate for Oklahoma City Public Schools

Tierney Tinnin photo providedEpisode 9

I first met Tierney Tinnin when I started covering the OKCPS Board of Education beat for Red Dirt Report.

Even though I knew her TV news work from living in the OKC market most of my life, I had never actually met her in person or had an opportunity to watch her work as a public relations professional in the role of Director of Media Relations for the district.

Soon she impressed me with how honest and helpful she was. As a reporter for a publication with a point of view sometimes at odds with OKC power players, I had encountered stonewall PR outfits before, and because of that was skeptical of anyone who worked in the field.

For over a year now I have found her to be as straightforward and transparent as you will find her to be in this episode.

Listen in as she tells us about some of her background and how she now continues to influence the largest school district in the state to remain open to scrutiny and available to the public and the press alike.