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Kim Haywood – How to make deadCENTER film festival happen

Kim Haywood IMG_4522 squareEpisode 32

The 16th deadCENTER Film Festival just wrapped up their 16th festival. While using hundreds of dedicated volunteers, the festival’s staff is made up of only 4 people. As Director of Programing and Education, Kim Haywood is one of those. I talk with her about how this year’s dC went and how they put together such a big event each year.

Yousef Kazemi – First-time filmmaker – “Yes, we’re open”

Y. Kazemi - squareEpisode 31

Bonus episode from the deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City
“Yes, we are open” is the title of the short film that was on the Okie Shorts program at this year’s deadCENTER Film Festival. This is Yousef’s first film, so his reaction to the Q&A and the comments film-goers made afterward are touching.

Kristofer McNeeley – Executive producer and writer – “Great Plains”

K McNeeley - squareEpisode 30

Bonus episode from the deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City
In the film Great Plains, an abused mother and son go on the run to escape her current husband’s abuse. There is a particular power in this drama which also includes humor. It’s because the idea for the movie has its seeds in Kristofer’s own childhood. Recorded during deadCENTER, I visit with him about the dynamic of making an entertaining movie that was so close to his own experience.