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Laura Massenat – Midtown Entrepreneur

Laura M - squareEpisode 25

For Laura Massenat, life is a flow of seeing opportunities and saying “yes.” She co-owns the ever-popular Elemental Coffee in Midtown. She just completed a four year term on the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board. She was one of the founders of the popular H&8th Monthly Food truck festival. Among her many decisions, she tells about one in particular, though, that set the course for the rest of her life.

Brian Bergman – The H&8th Guy

Brian Bergman -21-sqEpisode 19

In an earlier interview Brian did such a good job of reflecting on H&8th Night Market’s successful run until it ended, we decided to cut those out and make a separate episode. These are especially poignant now that the H&8th idea is being blended into a new event: TenaCity.