Richard McKown – Artist

Episode 10McKown, art

Richard McKown is known for his involvement in prominent housing, and now office development, projects around the Oklahoma City Metro area.

But less known are his talents as an artist.

That deep, but not well-known talent of Richard’s is the focus of my piece in the current (December) issue of 405 Magazine.

The public had an opportunity to explore Richard’s talents as a painter recently at the opening of a showing at [Artspace] at Untitled gallery.

He gains so much attention as a developer, the most common comment from friends who attended the opening was that they had no idea that he was also an artist.

In one session Richard and I talked about his art, and then his development of new buildings in Oklahoma City. That session has been divided up into two podcasts.

In this Part 1 episode, I ask Richard about the art that is on display at his show, and especially his unique take on the traditional Christian narrative about Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, commonly called “The Last Supper.”

You can read more about this show and the key piece in my story in the December issue of 405 Magazine, or online.

We also get into some of his deeper concepts of art and his process of creating art.

Part II, the next episode, is where we transitioned into a discussion about his concepts of using art as a part of his housing developments and what that means for the value of those projects.