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Robert Ruiz – Mariachi band leader – music ed promoter

dsc_0070Bonus Episode 56 – From the same interview session as episode 55, Robert talks about the importance of Mariachi music in OKC for Hispanic children. He has been instrumental in getting Mariachi music taught in Oklahoma City Public Schools. In just the next year after three popular programs were started, two had to be eliminated due to state budget cuts to the district. Robert tells us about a new organization and its money-raising efforts to fill the gap.

Paxton Cavin – Elementary Art Teacher, OKC Public Schools

cavin-img_4603-squareEpisode 47 – In her third year teaching Art at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary in Oklahoma City Public Schools, Paxton is starting to see the value of longevity and continuity in teaching. We talk about that and about the things students learn from art beyond the mechanics of pencil to paper.

Angela Clark Little – Mom, public school advocate, political target

angela-clark-little-square-smallEpisode 43 – Nearly 40 episodes after Angela was our guest the first time, we talk about the progression of her public school advocacy into electoral politics. Leading up to the primaries in June, she formed a Facebook group that promotes candidates for the Oklahoma Legislature who openly and passionately support public schools. It got her far more public attention than she sought, becoming the political target of one of the candidates in the primary runoffs recently ended in this week.

Dallas Koehn – Public school teacher – lightning rod

dallas-koehn-1-sq-smallEpisode 41 – Dallas has been willing to engage in the regular push and pull of social media squabbles over education politics in Oklahoma. His blog “Blue Cereal Education” has often made the thick-skinned teacher a lightning rod of criticism. But the intensity of criticism of bloggers like him increased when a group of teachers and a few parents have pushed particular candidates for public office, offending some who think that teachers should stay in the political background.

Tierney Tinnin – Advocate for Oklahoma City Public Schools

Tierney Tinnin photo providedEpisode 9

I first met Tierney Tinnin when I started covering the OKCPS Board of Education beat for Red Dirt Report.

Even though I knew her TV news work from living in the OKC market most of my life, I had never actually met her in person or had an opportunity to watch her work as a public relations professional in the role of Director of Media Relations for the district. Continue reading Tierney Tinnin – Advocate for Oklahoma City Public Schools

Angela Clark Little – Education Activist

Angela Clark LittleEpisode 4

Angela Clark Little is an unlikely, but high-profile education activist in Oklahoma.

She has started numerous Facebook groups for that cause. One of them, Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education, has over 5,100 members now and is growing daily. Continue reading Angela Clark Little – Education Activist