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Collin Walke – New Democratic Party representative in a Republican state

collin-walke-squareEpisode 54 – Collin Walke was one of several urban Democratic Party candidates in this year’s election cycle to buck the statewide trend of the Republican Party gaining an even bigger super majority in the Oklahoma Legislature. Running and losing the race to represent House District 87 in 2014, he persisted and won this time. We talk about what it took to win that district and what he thinks about the upcoming legislative session.

Joe Dorman – Public Servant to Oklahoma

Joe DormanEpisode 5

Joe Dorman is best known as the candidate for governor in 2014 challenging the incumbent, Governor Mary Fallin.

Although many counted out his run as foolhardy against a Republican sitting governor in the reddest of states, he ran neck and neck in polling in the summer leading up to the election and made a strong showing in the election results. Continue reading Joe Dorman – Public Servant to Oklahoma

Angela Clark Little – Education Activist

Angela Clark LittleEpisode 4

Angela Clark Little is an unlikely, but high-profile education activist in Oklahoma.

She has started numerous Facebook groups for that cause. One of them, Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education, has over 5,100 members now and is growing daily. Continue reading Angela Clark Little – Education Activist

Jonathan Dodson – Community Developer

Jonathan DodsonEpisode 3

Jonathan Dodson’s comments in this interview cover the many intersections that he has encountered in his adult life, many of them as he engaged in community development in Oklahoma City where he and his wife are raising a family.

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Cyndi Munson – New Oklahoma Representative

Episode 2Cyndi Munson

This interview reveals some of the deeper personal aspects of Cyndi Munson and her life that will help you understand how it came about that she won the recent special election for Oklahoma House District 85.

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Sandino Thompson – Son of Oklahoma City

Sandino ThompsonEpisode 1

Sandino Thompson has become better known to a wider public in Oklahoma City recently as one of the voices for a new concept for redevelopment with a “MAPS 4”. His passion for this new intersection in the life of OKC comes from the many important intersections in his own life, many of which happened right in this city.

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