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Collin Walke – New Democratic Party representative in a Republican state

collin-walke-squareEpisode 54 – Collin Walke was one of several urban Democratic Party candidates in this year’s election cycle to buck the statewide trend of the Republican Party gaining an even bigger super majority in the Oklahoma Legislature. Running and losing the race to represent House District 87 in 2014, he persisted and won this time. We talk about what it took to win that district and what he thinks about the upcoming legislative session.

Cyndi Munson – Back into the neighborhoods of HD85

img_4607-square-smallEpisode 49 – We visit with Cyndi once again almost a year later than her appearance on Intersections the first time. Then, she was only the second guest we had and she had completed a successful campaign to win the seat for Oklahoma House District 85 after the unfortunate death of long-time legislator David Dank. Because that was mid-term, she has been campaigning for that seat once more, this time in the regular two-year cycle. We explore the main questions around what happens to the dynamic between legislator and consituency when the legislator has been on that many doorsteps that many times in a few years.